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I have been having these symptoms since nov 2006. Seen neurologists but they dismissed mine as stress. It started one midnight when i got up to go to the toilet, my legs went heavy with pins and needles, was able to walk but with little sensation. Subsequently, i was unable to talk properly. Went to A&E but discharged me. Prior to this event, my cervical neck area was painful, I had headache, suddenly I felt cold and weak. From then on, I have been having tingling sensatin on limbs and face. Sometimes i feel weak, whole body. I also have pins and needles when i sit for long or use the pc.

My legs and hands also feel heavy just like after one over exercise and the muscles become sore, that kind of feeling. When i lie down to sleep on my back or sides, my hands got pins and needles. My legs too have pins and needles. I feel tired and weak. I even have burning sensation on my limbs. I had a second attack nov 2007- pins and needles, very intense, weakness and went to a&e. Could not diagnose anything wrong with me and was discharged. Area near the whole spine was sore most of the time and this makes the tingling worse. Before my menses, my symptoms worsen. Please advise. Thanks.

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