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Absolutely it could be from your neck, especially as you have a problem going on there. Though I had severe neck pain as well as the symptoms you describe. As well as intermittent varying pains and sensations in my feet and toes, I'd get them in my fingers, hands and wrists. I also had horrid unpredictable pain and feelings in my head and face.. that was scary. They've nearly all gone now since surgery.
I've had neck problems off and on for years, and I found some of the doctors also would say that the sensations could not be neck related. I went to one doctor once when my whole side of my face was numb, with tingling chin, jaw and tongue, and I said to him that I'd been sitting at a computer for a week and could hardly turn my neck. He still said, no, anything to do with the face is above the neck so it has to be from your brain. He scared me silly, and I had all sorts of tests done for no purpose. It did end up being all related to my neck.

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