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Wow thanks everyone. I know that he will not take from the hip & had another opinion, surgery is my only option. No driving till I can move my neck, going back to work depends on what work I will be doing.

Oddly enough someone else just mentioned problems in one of there feet with C issues. Although I have lumbar problems to.

What is the difference in the collars brand wise?
As far as to why I was told in my line of work it is very common.

I have some new problems though since my first visit & my husband said he wants to make sure, as do I, that it is coming from the area he will be performing surgery on. I am scared of going through with it & then finding out something was over looked. I am pretty sure my daughter accidently did something when she hit me with the cart. I am having new pain, & its waking me up & I cant go back to sleep because I cant lay it seems to hurt worse.
The middle & ring finger are burning & painful cant even touch or bend them.
That was not there when last I seen the surgeon only the thumb was bothering me. My entire right arm down the back hurts. So I will have to see what he says.
I have the list thanks to you all & Sky I am getting a wedge, it just makes sense that it would be more comfortable. My lumbar is really acting up to so I am thinking the wedge may help with that to.
I would not have thought to ask some of these questions so bless you all.
Talk to you soon, Sammy

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