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In your case, I'm guessing you might get different suggestions from different doctors and surgeons at this point.

When you say, 'up and down my left arm', can you be more specific? Starts where and ends where? If there is nerve compression, you'll likely feel tingling into your thumb and index finger as well.

The fact that there is contact with the spinal cord does not necessarily mean surgery will be recommended by all.. I had three herniated discs, all three of which were touching... we left c3-4 and c4-5 alone, and had ACDF of c5-6, where there was a large herniation that was compressing the nerve root and on the MRI it looked like the disc was about to chop the spinal cord in half.

The c4-5 I think had a 5mm issue.. but again, just went with the ACDF of c5-6. In addition to tingling in my left arm, including the top of my forearm and into my hand and thumb and index finger, I had sharp pains, especially in my shoulder.

I'd certainly get opinions from a couple of nuerosurgeons.

Best of luck

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