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just one more thing i wanted to add here hon. the possibility of your SNS being involved in some form? that has never actually been ruled in or out with that stellate block being done,ya know? also,considering the direct compression you have going on,there is another possible pain syndrome that could be involved in your facial problems and the head pain,espescially that hypersensitivity to touch? that spinothalamic tract has two seperate tracts within that cord. one sits directly between the backs of the vertebrae and the very front of that cord area,and the other sits left lateral in the cord. the left lat is where my tract and my SNS was damaged at. but the fact you have the compression,it could be affecting that spino tract right behind it.

i am in no way saying that this is what you have,but these are very real possibilities considering what you have and where ya know? if the SNS is being affected in some way,it can create that set of symptoms,but on the other hand,having the spino tract affected also can create its own pain syndromes too. the central pain syndrome that i have in my left arm elbow area and that used to be across both shoulder blades was casued to direct damage to that spino tract. what exactly does that area feel like? just how hypersensitive to touch is it? intolerable or extreme? how about when you push into it,does it feel better or worse to you? the thing about the central is when i push into the worst most painful areas really hard,the pain actually gets better not worse like you would think. very insane let me tell ya. but i really do think that the trigeminal is definitely involved here too given where your pain actually is. if you looked it up(i know on the other board you said you did?),you would see just how that nerve actually runs,right thru the areas where you are complaining of pain.

i really am so hoping that once that surgery gets done and over that you will be free of the crap you have going on hon. i sooo feel for you sammy,i really do. i wish i could do more to help you. just know that i AM here and will be both pre and post op too,K?

just wanted to mention about the collar? you mentioned that it is hard on your chin? if thats the case,you may need to go down one size smaller(or up,depending upon just 'how' this is affecting your chin). your chin should not be taking any type of real "hit' when the size is right. just what type of collar do you have on hon? believe me sweetie,not only did i have to wear one of these suckers twice,but i spent fourteen years also fitting them on trauma patients too. your chin should NOT be suffering with the right fit(does this go up over your chin/or block your mouth in any way when you sit? or is it hitting the underside of your chin?). just ask about going down one size if its going up and over too far. i actually fit really nicely into a PEDS size collar. it all depends upon neck area size. i wore that miami J PEDS for my second surgery and man what a difference from the first agonizing collar nightmare it was. just ask them to double check that fit or see an orthotics tech before your surgery,they DO know how to properly fit a collar to a patient too. just call your surgeons office on monday for a place that fits collars for you. you have to remember you are going to be wearing this little wonder for many weeks,the fit does matter alot in your comfort sammy. you just want the most comfy/proper fit,thats all. please keep us posted sweetie.marcia

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