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Paramedian sagittal T1 as well as T2 weighted images are obtained. Direct axial
sections are obtained using T1 as well as T2 weighted imaging from the inferior
aspect of C2 through C7.

There is straightening of normal cervical lordosis. There are prominent
posterior osteophytes identified at C5-6 and C6-7.

Sections through the disc spaces: Diffuse disc dehydration is identified. At
C2-3, there is minor posterior osteophyte formation laterally. At C3-4, there
is minor central posterior osteophyte formation. At the C4-5 level, there is
minimal central posterior osteophyte formation. At C5-6, there is posterior
osteophyte formation which appears to be due to a disc herniation which extends
to the left of mid line and into region of the intervertebral foramen.
Superimposed posterior osteophyte formation is also present. At the C5-6 level,
there is a diffuse bulging disc with posterior osteophyte formation which
extends to left of mid line.

There appears to be a herniated disc identified to left of mid line at C5-6
with some superimposed degenerative change.
Moderate posterior osteophytes are also present to the left of mid line at C6-7

One day I woke up with a very stiff neck in June 08. thought like always it would go away. I have done this several times before.
I went 2 weeks then i called my neurologist. The next week went in he thought that it was the fibro. well did blood work. gave me lyrica then said see you on 2 weeks. well it got worse. well after some injections that i am allergic to. rash all down the front of me I had MRI. He sent me to an nerve Dr. for a emg. and then said nothing else needs to be done.. i know that it says i have a disc herniated he told me that....... if your MRI was similar to mine i would like to know about it and what was done to help your pain and numbness. i can Handel the numbness its the pain in my arm that drives me nuts,

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