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Cervical neck pain
Dec 14, 2008
Hello I am new this board. I am a 39 yr old ***removed*** I ruptured c5/c6 disc 3yrs ago had same repaired with anterior disectomy and laminectomy with fusion. Since then had continued pain in left shoulder to which I am on Pain med around the clock now up to 10mg lorect and soma which doesnt make the pain go away but allowed me to work with a clear mind. Well One month ago i was working and was on my knees ***REMOVED** I was rocking back and forth **REMOVED***when I felt something pop in my neck a sudden burning pain started in neck and radiated to both arms. I have been out of work since that time had a mri that states broad based buldge with a superimposed protrusion at c4/c5. My symptoms are getting worse. Neck pain unbarable going up to the back of my head causing headaches and numbness and tingling in right arm. I woke up last week with my thumb and pointer finger of right hand totally numb feels as though they have been injected with lidocain. I have follow up appt with ortho md this tues but not looking for much to happen there? Has any one had these symtoms or know what the reading of the mri i means i know about the bulge but the other stumps me. ***REMOVED***. Any response will be greatly appriciated..

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