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Even though I had a preexisting issue with migraines, I'm convinced that the migraines I often experience are related to my neck, because I can always tell when they're going to hit. It starts with a pain at the base of my neck (and severe tightening in my neck) and the pain spreads from my neck to the back of my head TOWARDS the front. I never experienced migraines like this before, prior to the issues with my neck, the pain started in the front of my head.

Of course I still get they typical migraine symptoms - severe nausea, aura, visual disturbances and pain so bad that about all I can do is lay in my bed until it passes (of course I also take Zomig which really does help speed up relief). I have also found that applying ice to my neck helps as well.

I definitely see a link between headaches and neck issues.

I hope you get answers and relief soon. :angel:

~ Fiona Jo ~ :wave:
Fiona, I have had migraines in the past for years & then they stopped.
This headache is so like a migraine that perhaps the cervical is bringing this on but in another way. It starts at the neck or base of the head & with in minutes is a full blown headache. I called my sister today who had them in the past & ended up with the cervical surgery but hers was the first 2 discs. She did tell me hers caused the same kind of pain as I am experiancing with the jaw, ear, teeth up to the eye & temple. I was pretty worried that perhaps something else was wrong & I would go through this surgery then discover there are other problems. As this is different then the other headaches I have had with me neck. Those went up the back of the head & were just as painful to a point but did not effect my jaw & teeth so much. It confused me since I was just at the dentist & had a root canal done I thought it was something else like my TMJ. My sister said everything hurt on her, much like mine. They put me on steroids & have me wearing the neck brace to see if it will calm it down. I still have the pain but it has yet to flare up as bad as the other night. I am scared as this is pain the goes beyond anything I can endure. Behind my ear & temple are really painful. This is just so bizzare & hard to figure out when it involves everything. Even the left side of my nose hurts, they even thought maybe the sinuses were involved. Crazy. I am praying the steroids will get me through. I so appreciate everyone shariing as I am have been so worried. Who would have thought a couple discs could involve so very much. God bless & take care, Sammy

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