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MRI says the following.

C5-6 A large right central paracentral disc protrusion is seen conpressing the ventral aspect of the spinal cord and mild narrowing at the origin of the nephrolith speeded.

Impression:Aside from the degenerative disc disease at the c5-6-7 no abnormal signal intensity is seen within the cord.

I suffer from the following symptoms :
*numbness and tingling in my arms and legs from the fingers to upper arms and toes to above the knees.
*Intense burning pain in the right upper arm.
*I'm dropping stuff, I know...wierd
*I keep tripping over my own two feet, nothing major but when im walking I have been bumping my toes on the floor and almost tripping.
*Chest pain in the middle of the sternum it is becoming more and more intense as the days go on.
*Shoulder blade pain
*Neck pain
*lower back pain and muscle spasms
*lip and nose numbness
*tongue pain
*incontinence (it was corrected with surgery in august)
*increasing urgency in urination and bowel function has started again since the incontinence surgery.

I have the CD disc from my MRI. I am looking at the pictures in the cord above and below the c-5-6 herniation the cord is clearly round or slightly oblong.

Then when the pictures get closer to the c5-6 disc it looks more like the shape of a tomato, you know round at the bottom but indented at the top where it presses in for the stem.

When the pictures get to the actual location of the c5-6 disc herniation the cord resembles a boomerang and its very hard to distinguish and as the pictures get further away down from the c5-6 it starts to widen up like a tomato again then gets oblong again.

My question is if there is that much visible compression how can the impression be that there is no abnormal signal intensity within the cord, particularly with my long list of symptoms that are progressing day by day?
just how old is that MRI? you just really DO have symptoms of spinal cord compression/damage. was there any mention at all in that report of something called "myelomalacia" at any point in your cord? have you actually seen a neurosurgeon for a consult to ask him or her this particular question? have you had more than one opinion from another NS yet? if so,did they mention anything about myelopathy going on? you just ARE showing possible symptoms of it. how are your actual leg reflexes,hyper when the knee is tapped? marcia
It's hard to know exactly what you are looking at , but here's a a couple inputs

1) The spinal cord is contained in a membrane (I've seen it called both the secal sac or the dural sac) that is filled with fluid and surrounds the actual spinal cord nerves. A bulging disc can compress this fluid-filled sac without actually compressing the nerves - it's a matter of 'how much'. But your list of symptoms sure has a number of things that often indicate compression of the nerves in the spinal cord

2) MRIs are 'read' first by a radiologist who writes a report - it sounds like that is what you are looking at. My experience (I've been through this a number of times) is that a neuro surgeon will see more things, and different things, than the radiologist writes up in the report. With your list of symptoms you most certainly should see a neurologist or other specialist - someone who looks at these kinds of MRIs all the time (I think radiologists deal with the entire body and may not be as 'expert' at reading neurological images). I've actually had the experience where the radiologist misnumbered the vertebrae - and all of the write up in his MRI report were off by a level (that is, he wrote C4/C5 when it really was C5/C6). So, with your symptoms, it would be a good idea to have a C-Spine specialist take a look.
Thank you so much for your reply, I really am at my witts end.

MRI is dated 12/19/08

I have only seen my internal medicine Dr. and have not had a follow up since the MRI was done due to the holidays.

There is no mention of those terms anywhere in the report. This is exactly what it said. A large right central and paracentral disc protrusion is seen compressing the ventral aspect of the spinal cord and mild narrowing at the origin of the right nephrolith speeded.

My concern is that my symptoms seem to get more evident every day.
you most definitely NEED to get that consult eval with an actual neurosurgeon as soon as possible. the wait can be lengthy sometimes so the sooner you can get this going with that referral from your primary,the better. but you DO need that second read of your findings by an actual surgeon,not just the rad who attempted to interpret your films and findings. the above poster is very right about the initial read and interpretation by just the radiologist. whatever that rad actually finds and notes is very much totally dependant upon his or her overall level of experience and knowledge with any possible issues you may have but don't get taken as a real hard finding? they simply don't see it cuz they don't have a clue it is a 'something' ya know what i mean?

in some cases,your doc can make a direct call to some surgeons and get you in on a more emergent basis for that consult. but you DO need to get moving on getting to that NS in order to really know for certain just what it is you are dealing with(the overall severity too) and any possible treatment options. if you DO have actual compression upon your cord(and it does sound like you do based upon what you described in the hard films,symptoms and the report),that does NEED relief,the sooner the better before myelomalacia sets in which would be a definitive indicator of real damage to your cord. its good it was not in your report yet,but that doesn;t mean it cannot actually happen tho if too much time gets passed before some level of intervention has occured.

every single thing that exists within our spinal cords is a 'needed" thing as opposed to having compression upon any other organs or even real damage to even the brain itself. there are areas where you can get damage and not have any real consequences from it,you know what i mean? BUT,within that cord itself,there simply is no real 'wasted' space,meaning every single area within it is a very real area that affect some level of system function which would create consequesnces. the cord is not very forgiving because of this. it is not possible to actually 'undo' certain levels of real damage to it. while areas can be somewhat rehabbed in certain instances,that damege in most cases,is a permanent fixture that will affect 'something" within your body in some insane way.

i actually have a spinal cord injury due to a surgery i had to have to remove what was bascially a glob of intermittantly bleeding blood vessels. i live with the outcome from that crap every single day. it does suck. but what you will feel with any level of SCI is totally dependant upon where it is and how bad it is,and what spinal tracts and or nerves too become affected. this is why you NEED to get that first and probably at least a second opinion on this too. it does help since all surgeons are just NOT created equal either. what i mentioned about the radiologists kind of is the same with any given surgeon you see too. experience and overall knowledge in what YOUR particular issues are really is key here in getting the right surgeon for your job.

i seriously would try and get in to see your doc on monday or as soon as you can just to get that referral going. if that wait is simply way too long to actually see the surgeon(and they can go out as far as months in some cases) ask your doc to make that phone call to the best one to try and get you in ASAP. you can also,when calling any surgeons office,ask to be placed on their cancellation list. i have done this many times over the years for the six surgeries i have had to have on various body parts along the way. it can get you in much sooner in most cases. but get thee to your primary sooner vs later. you just really NEED to know what is going on and more importanly just what this all means for you. please keep us posted. good luck on getting in asap,hopefully you can. marcia
Thanks again for your information, I am beginning to think I am the only one taking this seriously enough to be considered necessitating urgency. The baby is my granddaughter. any further opinions would be appreciated.

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