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Hey everyone, I just got home from the hospital. My surgery was on Tuesday. So it has only been four days. I have read some real scary stuff and some good. I'm in a lot of pain, the throat pain in one thing but, the stiffness around the shoulders and neck is something else.

I was told this would be a speedy recovery. Just a couple of weeks and in three months i could go back to the gym. After reading some of these stories, I keep telling myself; we all heal differently and i really might be back soon.

I complained a little about the pain at the hospital so, i don't want to seem like a cry baby and probably wont talk to my doctor until my visit which is in 10 days.
Good luck with your recovery. Where were you fused? I am 2wks post op & I have to say yesturday was one of the worst days for my neck & all. Although I had the lump in the throat pain that I have not had in several days. My shoulders can really feel sore but according to my surgeon that is a common post op complaint. Geez I still have another 4wks of the same restrictions of doing nothing. I am sure all surgerys & recoverys are different. It is interesting to see & compare how recoverys come along but we all start out before surgery with different pain & symptoms to I am sure.
Good luck & take it easy, Sammy
Hey all,
I have to agree with Janatee, follow the doctors orders. I am fused at three levels and I think they did remove some bone. They went in through the back so I don't have the throat issue though I know people say it goes away averagely at one month. I did have an acdf where they went in through the neck and my throat, lump as it felt went away in two in a half weeks. I did not take care of myself. I did for the first year, I smoked and took on two jobs, went to get my masters and one of the jobs was physical labor.
Needless to say two months into this the screws and other disc went completely bad. I developed a cyst which went into the partially fused area and yep I had some screws loose.
This time I don't care if they tell me I can do physical labor, I'm not chancing it because going through the back is much worse than the front. It hurst and it is all swollen.
As for the ACDF surgery I had good and bad days. My shoulders were sore and I think the first two weeks or three were the absolute worse. Things got better then. I walked luckily it was spring time so I could go outside. In the winter I'm not sure how to walk like I did before. Most of the time I lay on the couch or bed and use my laptop occasionally. It is one of those light ones.
Hello Louie!!!
I had ACDF of C 4-5 and C5-6 on Sept 3, 2008.
Your right about how everyone heals differently. Some folks actually do get beack to normal life a few months after surgery. Try to remember that sometimes the people who recover really quickly will not post as much as they might feel they don't need as muuch support.

I can tell you that the thing my doc had me do after getting home and while in the hospital was walk... It sarted out in small little sessions and gradually i could walk for longer periods of time.

At this time I am now a few weeks past the 4 month mark and although I have some myo-facial pain issues in the T-spine area, I have to tell you that my neck does feel better then before my surgery.

Before the surgery my neck was in constant pain and spasms that were very awful and actually pulled my head towards the right....I walked around with a tilted head for a few monhts before the surgery.....

Follow your doctors instructions rest a lot. I rested a lot in the first two months...and even today I still need to take a rest once a day for at the least an hour to lay or recline back....

Do you have a cervical collar? A hard or soft one??

One of the most important things I think I can say to someone who is going to have this surgery and even to myself where I am now is to patient! The healing process from this surgery has at least for me seemd to go somewhat slowly which is fine ...the pains and aches seem to change a lot during the first two months...weird pains I did not have before ...things like that...
Good news...the weird stuff has for the most part stopped.

The only thing I am working on painwise at the moment is the myo-facial stuff in the T-spine and I actually did go back to the real Gym for the firt time last Thursday....
I had an elevation in my pain yesterday but I know what caused it and it was not the gym stuff because I basiscally kept that stuff to what I was doing in the Physical Therapy....

Louie...I hope that we will get to chat more and I hope my post will give you a little insight that things do get better....patience is the key for me...
I am making progress...and I feel you can too...follow the docs orders and walk and rest in the begining that was all I was able to do!

I hope you have a good day louie and Welcome to Health Boards.....

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