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Hey all,
I'm here and depending how tired I am in the morning I will post. Today I woke up with my neck feeling bad. Like stabbing bad but not like emergency. That pain is gone I am real stiff. I am going to be with the kids today and this may be my last day. So on one side I wish I wasn't going through this pain so I could enjoy them but on the other side I just don't want this day.
I too am worried about finances and it is the monthly time so I am fighting and fighting post op depression. I have been very angry and frustrated. I wish the stabbing or read sharp pain would go away. It's weird 'cause it is in my shoulder, left and just right on the scar. They said that is all muscle and post op pain. Some of it too is my hair growing back. I never thought of it itching. Yuck. Oh well I try to take things a day at a time and think about the first two or three days of pain and realize I am not in that much pain anymore thank god.

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