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Hey ladies!!!
I totally agree!!!!
Slow Down!!!
My surgeons instructons were to not lift my arms above my head other then to get dressed or bath, and even then I was told to be very carefu.
My 2 level ACDF c4-6 was on Sept 3, 2008.
In the begining I did have some of the pains go away and then return and then go away. It seems as though the nerves were always changing and yes they can sometimes een hurt worse while in the reuvination process.

I would say that durning the first month after my surery I did very little. I slept a lot and walked slept and walked. When I walked I walked starting out like just in the house. The rest of the time i was on the couch or in my bed with my wonderful and expensive wedge pillow that really made a huge difference in my sleeping and being comfortable...
I had already started my semester in college so I did hav to attend class but it was only one class and one day a week and I would have to get up a lot because sitting really bothered me.

Sammy your not that far out from surgery, and although I am not a doc my experience is that the pain is going to be weird and change and do funky scary stuff.

Capt- I am not sure we have met as i was sort of on a break from the board for a whiel so I am not sure when you had your surgery!!! Your Christmas tree experience reminds me of something I did like 3-4 days post-op...I can laugh now and say how silly of me to think I could or should even be doing what I did but at the time I learned quickly I had no business doing so....What I did was went to one of those grocery warehouse places...My Mom was there and here in my town (she lives about 130 miles away) but she was up taking care of me and helping me...I felt sort of pretty good and was stir crazy and wanted to be out so I went to tis grocery place with her and I was practically cyring when we left....It just was so croweded and people would bump me and it was clearly to much walking at one time....needless to say I did not go on grocery trips for a long while after

Another thing you mentioned Sammy was the collar bothering you!
I had issues with my collar! I was put into an Aspen color and it actually would press on the back of my skull and cause me to go numb and have terrible pain. Not sure you should do this without asking the surgeons office but the nurses and PA told me to take the plastic tabs and bend them some to take some of the pressure off of certain area's that were causeing pain...

I aslo had gooten a rash and had to treat that too. I actually cut an old t-shirt and put that inside the collar so that was between my skin and the collar and it help alot...

For me the whole experience right from the minute the accident happened to the second neck surgery in 1 year has been a slow process....Like a turtle race! Some thing just seemed to take forever.....testing different types of conservative procedures...then recovery from the first surgery (posterior Cervical Foraminotomy at C 3-4 and 4-5) that was on Jan 8, 2008 and then in July or August I changed from a NS to an Ortho spinal specialist and in Sept after ruling out any rotator cuff surgery had my ACDF on Sept. 3, 2008.

The recovery from this surgery just varies from person to person...In the begining I did have some scares and some very doubting moments that things were okay in there....
Like before surgery I did not have that much right sided neck pain and after surgery about the two month mark I had all of a sudden out of the blue some really excruciating burning on the right side of my neck!!! I was freked thinking something ws wrong in there!! The docs office assured me things were okay and this was normal!! In a few weeks that pain just dissappeared and never to this day has it returned...
So I will say some prayers for you all....and please try and remember this is a healing takes time and every docs instructions are different and everyone heals differently.
All my experience and or suggestions are just that and should be checked through your docs office...I am not a doc and can only share with you all how my experience with the two neck surgeries and 4 arm surgeries and two female surgeries I have had in the last 5 years have gone....It is a long long road sometimes...but there is a light at the end of the tunnel...
Have a good day now and remember to rest as much as you can...

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