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Hello, I feel for you husband, right before surgery I had the most horrific headaches I honestly did not think I would make it. Along with the tingling & pain in the hands & so on... What I found strange is my surgeon did not think the discs were causing the headache, neither did my PM. So your post caught my attention. What my surgeon found was mess in the C5-6 & after told my husband it could have very well caused or contributed to them, the MRI did not show everything that was wrong in there.
These headaches hurt all the way down my neck & I did not want to move my head at all. The pain was so bad I would pace. It actually scared me. It was much like a migraine but worse. I am wondering if your husband is experiancing kind of the same. I know when the headaches hit they hit fast. I could feel it start & with in minutes it was full blown. That pain was off the pain chart & I honestly did not want to even talk of touch my head or face. I am scared now of ever having something like that again. Now I did have traces of on after surgery but not like it was thank god. I am almost 6wks post op.
Everytime I attempted therapy it made everything worse. The last PT said anytime therapy makes it worse of does not show improvement soon it should be stopped. Most doctors will try PT first.
Did your husband have just an X-ray? Did he have an MRI? He should with those symptoms. An xray can only show so much.
Its fine to have medication & to get relief but its just a bandaide for the problem. You were smart calling the doctor. If this continues any of it I would be pushing to find out if something else it going on in there & if he has not had an MRI I would be asking for one. Good luck & let us know how it goes. Sammy

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