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I'm at a loss, my husband is such a mess right now. Perhaps its nothing and needs time...I dunno.

He's been having numbness/tingling in his fingers/elbow for a while. He's had an xray and they found slight degeneration in C6 disc. He went to a therapist for the first time on Monday for traction and neck muscle strengthening procedures. Bone/back problems are in his family. And unfortunately, so are migraines. Right around the same time, (a bit prior) - he got a little sick and since then,its progressed even worse with sinus & ear infections, bad chest conjestion, nautious, etc. He's taking antibiotics.
He has cough medecine (to loosen phlem) but won't take it because it makes his head hurt.

Right now, the back of his neck is in such pain (soreness/stiffness) and hurts to the touch. He's got a really really bad migraine that's been constant for about 2 days now. He's been taking Pherenol but that only helps for about an hour. He's tried coldpaks, but that's stiffend things up more. He's tried warmth and that's only temporary relief. Trying ibuprofen, but I doubt that'll work if pherenol only helped for an hour. He has imitrex also and took that a couple days ago (but since stopped).

I'm about ready to call his therapist & doctor - he doesn't know what to each (feel nautious), his coughing (from his flu) causes even more throbbing in his head.

Please pardon, I'm his wife who just doesn't know what to do. He's in bad shape and we're both at a loss of what to do to relieve things.

Hi, I can only suggest taking at least 800mg of ibuprofen and make sure he eats or drinks milk before taking so he doesn't hurt his stomache. I get horrible headaches from bulging C-5, C-6 discs. I also get epidurals and in between the epidurals I get trigger point injections, and of course take the ibuprofen, I also take flexeril, a muscle relaxer. PT only made it worse, so I quit. Hope he gets some relief soon...


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