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So I was diagnosed about a year or so ago with degenerative disc disease of the c-spine as well as bone spurs. At that time I was only having neck/shoulder/upper back pain. I did PT and use a TENS unit when it bothers me. My primary doctor told me that it would eventually get worse. In September the pain settled in my shoulder and upper arm for about a week before it went away again. I didn't have many more problems with it other than an occasional flare up from mid September until a few weeks ago. Then my thumbs started going numb. I broke down and went back to my primary doctor today. He gave me a course of steroid pills and said if that didn't work he could either send me to have the neurological testing done for carpal tunnel (I have that in both wrists too) or an MRI or both. It will pretty much be up to me when the time comes. He said it may come to having surgery. And the thought of that just scares the bageebers out of me! I had two abdominal surgeries in 2005 and two toe surgeries in 2008. So it isn't surgery in general that scares me. It is surgery on the neck and spine that scares me!

So my question is have any of you had the steroids work for your symptoms?

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