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[QUOTE=MRJJ;3882356]I had an accident in early December 08 and I'm still in recovery.I had a bone graft taken from my hips near the bottom of my spine and slightly to the left. The wound at the graft site fully healed 2 days ago. It was mostly healed after 3/4 weeks with one section taking a little longer than the rest. I've had no pain associated with the graft site. The majority of pain has been and where my surgery was, T2-5 & c6, and muscles adapting to my new posture.[/QUOTE]

I hope this is the right way to respond to you. I just got home from the hospital an hour ago. My hip isn't bothering me either. The incision is quite long for the fusions and it hurts like heck but I expected that. The leg pain and hip pain from the sciatic nerve is only a slight twinge now and that is like heaven. He said it would probably heal even more with time and I am so happy about that. Even if it stayed the way it is now the surgery will be worth it. You had yours at a more serious place than mine so hearing that you are doing better gives me a lot of hope for the fusion healing. Stay in touch, I am going to lay down for another nap. lol....Sandra

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