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this would make at least a bit 'closer" sense with the possible involvement of that c 7 in some way. it is actually the c 8 nerve(ulnar) that innervates the last two fingers in our hands. tho we do not actually have a c 8 vertebrae,we do have that c 8 nerve. this is the one that is giving you problems in those last two fingers. the thing here is,trying to track it back to the area of affectation. this could actually not even BE a c spine issue per se,but a rotator cuff area problem with the tendons/muscles there. the huge loss of ROM you mentioned would fit with that area too,not just the c spine,trust me.

if you reach behind that shoulder to just above your armpit area and press down,do you feel ANY pain or wadded up type of tissue? this is where that ulnar nerve passes once it comes out from the c spine and starts to travel down your arm. i too recently had both ulnnars(in both shoulders) impinged right at that same area and it did casue me to have recurrent numbness in that ring and pinkie too.

this is just one possible area that could be invloved as well as you also haveing c spine issues too. i have the very same. my c spine is a mess,so when i started getting pain in my shoulder and blade,i just assumed it was all stemming from c spine. a few years later now,and when my top tendon that runs across that shoulder just completley snapped on me,it went thru the roof as far as pain along with almost immediate loss of ROM too. it actually took an MRI done on that shoulder to really see what a freaking mess it was. had surgery on my rotator last year in feb to fix it.

this is just one other possible area of involvement considering the symptoms you described and where they are located. i seriously would speak to your doc about having that MRI done on that shoulder/rotator area, soon. you just need to rule this area out or in as the new trigger for what appears to be c spine symptoms. it just may not be at all. having that EMG done is also a good idea,it would at least show whether or not there is a true compression/impingment going on and where it actually is at. just make darn certain they go all the way up to your c spine area with it. it just needs to be checked out from where it starts and all the way down that arm to find the area of affectation.

i do wish you luck with this. but DO get that shoulder area at least MRIed if possible,your symptoms really could be being casued by some level of rotator involvement. i had no clue just how really awful things were in my shoulder,espescially witht hat already torn tendon,til that MRI revealed it. sammy went thru the very same thing with hers too. just get that area either ruled in or out,then at least you would know whether or not this is true radiculopathy(c spine) or rotator cuff issues. thats huge for you right now, just to know for certain. i do wish you luck with this. please keep us posted. Marcia

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