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[QUOTE=jshu43;3909165]Thanks for your input. I've had neck and upper back and shoulder problems for almost 20 years. I've done everything in the book but the ESI's. My pain doc wants me to do them before I have surgery, along with traction. I'm going ahead with getting a second opinion on my surgery and doing all the research I can, but I think I will do the ESI's first. I'm having a myelogram next week for my neurosurgeon and I understand it will help my pain doc know where to inject the steroids, so I'll wait until after the myelogram before I do the ESI. It's good to know that I can do them after the surgery if I have further problems. I don't know if I will have insurance forever, and if I can do something that will be more permanent (surgery), I think it will be better down the line. In two years if I don't have insurance (and I can't work because of my back and CFS - no disability), I will be up a creek.[/QUOTE]

Hi-ya, I had ESI's for over 3 years and not one of the injections ever worked for me so I stopped having them done and now I'm waiting for the implant spinal cord stimulator (scs) to be done in April (Fingers crossed), my pm dr puts me to sleep before my injections because I used to have 18 at a time, so he'd put me to sleep so I didn't feel anything, but I always woke up feeling ok, I just had a bit of pain for about a week after the injections and my back was a little tender, I hope you have more luck with them and hope you get some good pain releif with them. Both of my pm dr's have said that they only work for a few weeks in the majority of cases, and to think of the injections as a holiday from your pain, take care xx:jester::jester:

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