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Be careful with the chriopractor! I think that is what put me over the edge with my neck. I always had bone spurs and arthritis in my neck and a little pain in my left shoulder blade but I went to a chriopractor and I should have known when he didn't do any xrays. He started doing adjustments and then I started getting some tingling and numbness in my left arm and hand so he tired a different neck adjustment and it was like pins and needles going down my arm. I think he put me over the top with herniated discs at C5-7 and compression on the spinal cord. My neuro told me that you should never ever let a chriopractor adjust your neck, that it is way too fragile. He said that it is ok on the rest of your back and sometimes there is a need for it but never on the neck. So be careful and I hope you see some relief.
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