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I have had alot of headaches from just one beer. I can't say what starts first, the neck or face pain. It seems though the upper part of my neck is causing the facial pain. Without the alcohol, it begins in my neck but doesn't take long before it hurts elsewhere. I would have to drink again to figure that out & it's not worth it. It did get so bad that I couldn't hold my head up without it hurting & went to a chriopracter for awhile having my bones cracked for relief of pain.

Yes I understand somewhat. I was wondering if maybe I developed an allergy but maybe I didn't. Or what if it was my liver?

I also kept getting urinary tract infections and my bladder went insane until I quit drinking.

The idea of drinking one a day for anxiety turned out to not be such a good idea..

I will talk to my doctor about it when I see him again but I seriously doubt he's going to suggest an MRI or any type of testing whatsover.

I have fibromyalgia. He will assume anything wrong with me is likely nothing more than something that is unexplainable.

But it's okay, if he can keep my pain calm, I won't complain. Last time I saw him, I talked to him about this whole neck/face/headache issue. At the time, the tingling/numbness wasn't occuring right there where I was hurting & I wasn't having twitches but the pain would get so out of control, nothing would help, but taking 3 Ambien at a time, so I'd pass out, until the pain went away. I've only had one time since to have this pain go out of control again, and it was because of the beer I drank.

I've always liked to occassionally drink, I think that is a habit I will have to kiss goodbye.

I have something on my liver, what appears as decreased attenuation & a 1.2cm spot, of what, I do not know, cyst, tumor? My gastro finds it necessary enough to do a contrast CT this summer. However if she is thinking something silly like cancer, there's no way. It's been there for awhile. I do not lose weight without trying, I gain. Went from 145 to 160 lbs lately. Hopefully it's nothing though, I hate to think my liver might be diseased from all that drinking I did when I was a teenager. It hasn't grown and there isn't any other tumors there. So if she thought there was even a small possibility of it being cancer, makes no sense. I hope she's not that silly. Still, I worry what if there is some disease process. Well heck, my liver function tests are okay. My liver enzymes are normal 99% of the time. So who cares.

I like your explaination the best. LOL. Thank you for helping.
lyme is a bite from a tick on a deer, right? now i may have been exposed to ticks when i was younger from my cats & dogs, i had like 19 cats at one time, but not a deer tick. that is something I have never been checked for.

i was just recently browsing info about Lyrica because it treats Fibromyalgia. i never tried it but want to. yea i think that's a better idea than ordering expensive tests on me that probably wouldn't show nothing anyways. lol.

they haven't said what is wrong with my liver. ct's have been showing decreased attenuation & a 1.2 cm spot. i have to have a ct with contrast study to find out what it is. it's been there for years and it hasn't always been there, i wasn't born with this. i believe my liver is okay but still i pee lime to dark green urine for a week. it makes you wonder just a little bit.

my kidneys are okay, i just had to deal with kidney stones for years, now they're all gone. but the pain never went away. there's pressure there when i can't pee good but still they hurt sometimes without reason. i even feel urine sometimes in my side, it is so weird. my left one stays tender. my hips hurt off & on all the time. my bladder is a pain in the XXXXXXX. there is one time i was concerned if my kidneys were working right & I was too sick to get off the couch and get ready & go to the hospital. but it was over a medication i was taking, i developed a fixed specific gravity of 1.010 and i couldn't eat or drink anything, i got really sick. it was just the medication though.

my doctor is not a jerk. he's the one you ought to feel sorry for, not me. talk about taking it overboard in driving someone nuts because you can't deal with your health problems.

all doctors, around here anyways, dump your problems, whatever they may be, on your current condition. it kind of means you've already been through one test after another, the problem has already been figured out.

honestly, all i'd have to do is ask him, and he wouldn't say no. he's too nice to say no but i don't want him doing something unless he finds it necessary, so i'm not going to ask. :D

i don't want another physician. i like the one i have. LOL.

i can't say for sure if there's a problem in my neck. but i don't think really that i have a pinched nerve, though i think there is a high possibility i am having nerve pain shooting through me. it kind of feels like my blood veins or blood vessels, whatever it be, swell, causing pain in my face. with the location of the pain in my shoulders/upper back, it's very likely a muscular issue, and not anything to do with my spine.

my daughter is having the same problem (tingling + headaches), but she's also getting dizzy. and i have been short of breath for months. maybe it's because we were exposed to chemicals from meth, the neighbors that got busted lived about 20 feet away from us.

i used to also have severe pain in the upper part of my face, & horrible pressure in my nose, constant congestion & never could breathe quite right, with blood always coming out of my nose when I'd blow it, it was diagnosed as myofacial pain by a neurologist. my ent doctor (one told me, the other thought he should keep it secret for some reason) that i had turbinate hypertrophy. well they swared this wouldn't cause my pain and wouldn't do anything, expect my first ENT tried treating the symptoms with meds, but he said no way to surgery. well money talks because when i was willing to pay for it myself, he had no problem doing it. now i have a bill to the hospital for $15000 i didn't know i'd owe. but that pain, went away & I can breathe so much better. the pain was blamed on by my ENT's as TMJ or migrane headaches, another neurologist said she thought it was due to the nerves in my face radiating pain.

still I suffer with lower facial pain when the neck pain occurs. i only had TMJ through constant episodes of chewing gum when i was trying to quit smoking. that day is long and gone.

but i have been evaluated by a neuro before. MRI brain scan was normal. and no contrast was used.

is it unlikely your nerves if there is no tumor on your brain?

i mean, there are people that know me that would definetly say I need a brain scan. lol. for a joke and for real.

i have found myself doing things i didn't know i was doing, actually didn't know i was in the world, and then my brain would start functioning again & i would think to myself how the xxx did i get here & why can't i remember it.

or try opening your front door on 6 different occassions with your key to your car where you press the button and unlock it.

taking a drive and your brain not telling you, you need to stop at that stop sign, or stop behind a car when they stop

i've improved as far as that goes but it's more than obvious my brain doesn't function too well.

maybe it's the severity of the fatigue that does that

liver & kidney disease. i am not the one that should be sitting here complaining, you should be.

you could take every bad day I've had since I've gotten sick and put it together, isn't as bad as the day I had that reaction to that medication & thought it may have been affecting my kidney function.

i don't know how you do it.

and i'll tell my doctor he needs treated for tunnel vision. LOL.

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