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I'm wondering how many people whom had acdf with plating have/had post op numbness and tingeling at times in their arms and hands. Did it go away with time or did anything else resolve it. If you don't want to post, please PM me. Thanks.
Okay, since no one has replied I assume that after acdf any numbness or tingling is not normal.
I do. It's actually worse then before in my right arm. I also have new numbness and pain in my middle finger and ring finger. The surgeon is going to do an MRI if this doesn't improve. I still have a lot of pain at the back of my neck also.
Thanks for replying. I appreciate it.
I too have some post-op numbness and tingling, especially in my 'good' arm and hand. I am putting it down to post-op inflammation etc and am hoping it subsides in time although it is not really bothering me I have found myself being a bit clumsy and dropping things etc.

Take care,

Bobbyboo x
I started PT today, (eval only though) and the therapist also thinks there is swelling for about 6 mo. as along as there is continued improvement it shouldn't be a problem.
I am sorry been having to rush around lately. I have the tingling & so on big time back in my arms & hands, waking me up every morning. I was really bummed. I am glad its not just me. for me its worse in the morning when I am still in bed. It can be in either arm & hands. I was worried because it was not there for awhile then returned. It really can be painful. I to drop things constantly. I feel alot of weakness in my hands at times, anyone else?

How is your PT going? You have had a pretty good recovery thus far & I am happy for you. I will be scheduling Pt anyday now. I have to admitt I dread it.
In the past its always increased me pain & spasms. Hopefully this time is different. Thanks for sharing that info. How is your neck any spasms there?
I am rooting for you here. God bless, Sam
I am having the same tingling sensations and I've noticed when I get up and stretch, they seem to subside. I hope your physical therapy goes well and doesn't leave you in constant pain. From your past experience, does the physical therapy get less and less painful over time? Since I started my therapy, I am back to taking the mega doses of pain medication and also started the muscle relaxers. I know my injury was a big one and I'm learning more about my recovery by reading other posts on here.

Best wishes to you for a speedy recovery. Take good care.
Will be praying for you and you will be in my thoughts during PT! I was going three times a week and my hubby thinks it might be best to do twice a week, instead? (My neurosurgeon suggested 2 to 3 times a week... pretty much my choice on how I feel. I thought 3 times a week would speed up the recovery, but now we're thinking maybe 2 times a week might be best. We... meaning my hubby and me.) I am the type of person who used to feeling better after exercising, so feeling worse... threw me for quite a loop at first. I am learning along the way that my back truly needs more TLC (tender loving care) right now versus a lot of activity. And, I will continue to do whatever is necessary... to make it happy again.
I have noticed the numbness seems to be getting less and less.... at least that is todays story. I am still taking muscle relaxers and it seems to be good. They don't make me tired anymore. PT started fri. and it was just an eval. He said not to under any condition to lift over my head. I was also informed alot of runners have cervical disc issues and that it is from the "bobble head effect". I will not be running... Monday I will start on the actual exercises, what ever they may be. The best thing the therapist told me was to not judge the effects until 6 mo. out. I'll keep posting and accepting the prayers and positive energy...

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