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i would have to agree just going thru my own rotator cuff hell in my shoulders that it would be something to really nahve much further evaluated. some of what you described "could' have to do with impingment within those shoulders too. i have had this repeated issue myself,but i also know my c spine is kind of falling apart and IS most definitely firing out angry signals withhin those shoulders too. this is what my amazing myofascial release guy told me. it just keeps regenerating itself all the time.

what i am wondering is two things really. how long ago was that c spine MRI and do you, yourself actually have a copy of that rad report? unbelievably,when any 'specialist" is giving us results, in MANY cases either the do not actually tell us everything that was even found in our own reports or they don't happen to "feel" any real prominence in a particular finding only because they don't understand that it IS a significant finding,you know what i mean? there are some NSs out there and other spoine specialists who,only because they hve never or had very little experience in any given issue, just do not give it the gravity it deserves sometimes.

i went thru this myself with my cavernoma. three seperate opinions and only the very last one who was the head of NS at the U of MN actually had had enough overall experiencve and knowledge in dealing with these in a spinal cord that i found out finally just what this thing was going to cause and that it needed to come out efore it bled again. my other two NSs never even mentioned that this had actually even bled??

if there are ANY hard findings in that summary at the very end, they do need to be a bit mote closely looked at. one other thing you also need to keep in mind here is that an MRI or any other type of actual scan will always show everything that could even be going on in there either. its just the overall way any "scan' is. it is NOT an actual picture. and from what i have learned over all my 16 MRIs and just reading other peoples stories here, not even the true overall severity of a finding will always show either. my own personal opinion on actual MRIs is that they will only give at best a "rough" idea of possible findings and not at all the true picture of what 'could' actually be there,ya know what i mean?

any scan is also only as good as the tech who is doing it,the rad ho reads the films and the specialist who gives their 'second' opinon on the films too. it all comes down to overall experience and knowledge of everyone involved. and of course, any and all of your actual ongoing symptoms too. in some cases, its a matter of just trying to track back the symptoms to that underlying source that is generating them.

you DO have 'something' there in that upper that is 'feeding' the symptoms you are displaying right now and have been. that is for certain. with the right doc,and testing and depending upon any findings in that MRI and just HOW old that is, will help in getting to the source.

just wondering if you have ever actually tried the myofascial release therepy for this? it does amazing things for all my muscle mess i have up there. just a suggestion for you if you have never gone there? but i would get those shoulders checked. the rotator tendon i tore was called the supraspinatus,it actually runs along the very top from the base of the neck to the top shoulder area. this is the MOST common tendon that people tend to tear. mine eventually snapped on me and i did not have a clue my shoulders were that bad til my MRI just showed all my real damage. i just had assumed alot of my crap was "just" my bigger c spine mess and it was not all. i do really think you just need to dive into this and get some things going towards a real dx of all of whats feeding your muscle hell. thanks for asking for me jane, it means alot. there are also many many good experienced knowledgable people here too who are wonderful. good luck hon. marcia

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