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Has anyone bothered to MRI your shoulders? OA in the acromio-clavicular joints where the clavicle meets the scapula is very common and causes just about everything you listed. You develop osteophytes that press on the huge subacromial bursa and that then impinges on the rotator cuff tendons and nerves. That along with a loss of lordosis in your neck(not normal for your age) it could be causing a lot of nerve impingement. There are also various impingement disorders affecting the cervical spine and shoulder muscles.

If you haven't seen a rheumatologist, try to. They are the medical side of orthopedics and more likely to stay with you until you have an answer. If you have and have been turned away, see another. Bad docs come in all forms.

I've had 2 major cervical spine surgeries and am probably facing a third and had both shoulders operated on for AC joint impingement. They simply remove the end of the clavicle and "presto".....pain is gone. The bursitis clears up, the tendons can function and the associated tendinitis disappears and the inflammed nerves calm down. And someone needs to monitor your neck!

good luck and gentle hugs..........Jenny

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