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Hi Lynne,

Cannot quite agree you have a piece of cake with all that's happened to you but you have thought it out well and shown resilience to all that has happened to you.

Meds do not seem to contribute to my breathing issue but RSD may do so.

My medical condition is as follows:

Paraplegia since 2000
Caudal injection sin 2001 which suspended spinal operations
Tetraplegia/Quadraplegia since 2002
Cyanosis, skin, feet/toes since 2003
RSD/parasympathetic- 2004
Lack of pedal & other pulses- 2004
Loss of skin especially large area at bottom of front of trunk and top of legs-2000-2005
Brain volume loss- 2008 MRI
1 or 2 small non-specific white matter changes-2008 MRI
Degenerative changes at C5/C6- 2008 plain x/rays & MRI
Slight deformity of the spinal cord at C3/4- 2008
Some foraminal narrowing at that level
Some degenerative disc changes in the thoracic spine- 2008
Abnormal signal at T5/7- need axial views of this at that level- 2008
Canal stenosis (at least narrowing at L3/4 and L4/5, especially on the right) in the lumbar region- 2008
Facet joint disease at L5/S1- 2008
High blood pressure
High cholestrol

Apart from these, I am oki dokey. :D

Thank u very much for your help and do ask if you have any more questions.


[QUOTE=Lynnetter;3969171]Hi Vince--what I have is a piece of cake compared to what you have going on. They call myelopathy a spinal cord injury--the most common--but rarely does it cause paralysis--unless undetected and then you get injured.

I had a congenital (at birth) fusion of C3-4. Then I have been in about 7 car accidents, not my fault. 2 cars were totaled, and one I was sitting on a bus bench and a car jumped the curb, hitting me and sending me into the intersection. I was young and mainly fractured my right leg, some ribs, and 3rd degree sprains of both ankles.

Over time the bones compressed--and what sent me to the Dr was right leg burning pain (set off by neck positions, not low back). I knew I had an ugly neck on X-ray--they did MRI's and found C4-5 and 5-6 were compressing the spinal cord and there was some cord damage from the compression. Also with bending my neck there was some movemnt at C4 and C7. No neck pain, but progressing weakness and spasticity in my left arm and leg.

Don't know if the RSD caused the strokes--but the sympathetic nervous system is involved--affects the blood flow and blood to the nerves--thus pain and circulation are affected. Are you on meds for this--do the meds also contribute to your breathing issues?

Take care[/QUOTE]

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