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Re: Crooked C-1
May 20, 2009
That's very interesting about how the atlas is supposed to work. However, aside from what the Xrays show, which I now understand (thanks to jennybyc's post) can be very ambiguous, my chiro also probed the area with his hands [I](chiro-"hand" in Greek)[/I] and felt that something was out of whack at my C-1 level.

I know one thing for sure - my atlas does not "float freely". I wish it did. That sounds like heaven!

My headaches start at the base of my skull. Sometimes they spread around the sides of my head, making my ears, temples and sinuses pound. But then, sometimes the pain just engulfs my entire head. It even gets into my teeth. With one of these whole head migraines, throbbing pain is accompanied by burning pain. When that happens, any and all stimulation (light, sound, smell, even taste) to my sensory organs becomes almost unbearable. If I do not catch one of these super migraines with pain meds before it becomes full-blown, the only thing to do is shut myself up in a dark, silent room. And pray, like Sammy.

Fortunately, since I have made the definite connection between headache emergencies and unstable barometric pressure, I can nip the pain in the bud by following weather forecasts closely and taking pain meds at the first sign of an approaching low pressure system. Accurate weather forecasts and opiates work wonders.

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