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Thanks for the responses, it's interesting how many of us have breathing troubles and C5/6 damage. I really wonder if they are related in some way. The impingement on my spinal cord is relatively minimal but there is also stenosis that has moderately narrowed the canal at this level. Nothing except the actual herniation is considered 'severe' though. They have commented that they may have to go back in posteriorly and widen the canal a bit later on. I'm not keen on this though as I have another possible thoracic surgery and the transverse or XLIF (I think that's what you call it in the US) is pretty major. Yuck.

Feelbad, I've seen you post about myofacial release before and coincidently found a practitioner yesterday. I've made an appointment for 6 weeks after my surgery to work on my thoracic - can't do cervical as I'll still have the collar on. Thanks for the advice, I think it's important to be open to other modalities that might help.

Toonces, I'd love to hear what your neuro says, I'm going to ask mine and post back too. Good luck with your appointment.

Feelbad, I just had a thought,I get hick ups all the time too! It's my bodies signal to eat something now that hunger doesn't register properly. If I eat, they go away straight away. Damage to the vagus nerve usually means that you don't get proper hunger signals anymore so that's a good indicator and gets rid of them...hic ups are so annoying and they hurt my thoracic.

Thank you to all, I've learnt so much here.

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