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Looks like you've been having these problems for awhile and a shame that you can't get that MRI so you know exactly what is going on there. I'm sure you are right about suspecting cspine.

I get same thing only different. (I knew you'd like this one). When I sneeze, I get pins and needles from elbows down, knees down, and not always pain in neck. I wake up every morning with fingers that don't work for a few minutes; I talk them into it. Arms go to sleep frequently when laying down too. Different levels in cspine will cause different problems, right?

I have had pains going into ears but is intermittant. At the moment, they are plugged right up and I don't know why. I'm not sure about your 'cheek' comment. Pain in hands can be spine/arthritis starting up in the hands. Both combined are unpleasant.

It's very common to have problems in cervical and lumbar areas, from what I am seeing here and experiencing.

Even without the cervical MRI, it sounds like you have an idea what's going on because of your past experience. There are some very experienced people on this board who can help you but they might not want to 'venture' without MRI results of the cervical spine posted here.

Hope you get some answers,

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