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I know for me, the fatigue was a long battle and came from the type of anesthesia they use for spine surgery. It's is VERY deep to keep you from any movement while they are working around the cord.

The weakness in your arms and legs after going home may have been from swelling that occurred once you were up and moving around. Swelling around the spine can put pressure on all the nerves in the area and make them feel weak. Swelling around the cord can do the same. But the all over fatigue....I'd bet it's the after effects of the anesthesia. And I bet a lot of people here will agree. Seems to be fairly common.

rest up and take care................Jenny
Its good your following through with your PCP. I went through a few weeks of just feeling exhausted. I thought along the same lines as Jenny, not to mention the trauma on your body from spinal surgery alone. It passed but it was strange as it did not hit me right after surgery but a couple weeks after. I would reach a point every day where I just could hold my eyes open & felt exhausted. Was an effort to keep my body going. it did pass but I felt 100yrs old. I went to stay with my sister as we thought I would rest more & not be so tempted to do things around the house. Even she was getting concerned as this was completley abnormal for me, I'm more on the hyper side, have to be doing something. It did pass but took its sweet time & it did go past that first 4wks. Had problems to with my memory after surgery. Still do at times. I do believe there are side effects of the anesthesia that linger & have talked to others who experianced some of the same. Still best to get it checked out & at least it will ease your mind.
good luck, Sammy
Sorry to take so long getting back to you Michael...I've re-injured my back and sometimes sitting at the computer HURTS.

The reason I blame the anesthesia is because I've been through 22 major orthopedic surgeries and at least 8 non-orthopedic(I lose count). I have had just about every kind of anesthesia there is and even mixed anesthesia like a neve block and a general together. Even had the stuff that are blaming for Michael Jackson's death..Diprovan...for cataract surgery. They knock you out just long enough to inject around your eye without you seeing a syringe heading for your eyeball.

I've found that type of anesthesia really does correlate with the fatigue during recovery. The deeper the general, the more tired you are afterwards. I takes a toll on your liver and a while to get it out of your system. An anesthetist once told me that certain "generals" can still be detected in the body up to a year after surgery. So it makes sense it can make you really tired.

But I would still check it out with your primary doc. After my first cervical spine surgery the anesthesia knocked out my gall bladder and I had to have it removed(the anesthesia shuts down function and if you already have a bad gall bladder, it may not go back to functioning properly). So you never know what else might be going wrong. Or you just might be really tired from the surgery. Swelling in the neck can put pressure on the nerves and cause weakness anywhere below the surgical area. And some people swell longer than others.

So give it time but check it out with your doc.

Wishing you a return to strength.................Jenny
Anesthesia can do odd things to the body. It kind of puts everything to sleep and it takes weeks to wake all the way up. It could be thyroid. After surgery it takes me 4-6 weeks to get straight again with my thyroid. You might have a sensitive thyroid and it is now sluggish for a while. Your doctor will find it if they run a TSH test. Another thing if you had been spending lots of time indoors you might try a vitamin d supplement. Low vit d can cause muscle pain, weakness, and some similar things you describe. It is safe to take over the counter D in amounts of 800-1000mg for adults - ready the bottle. Or make sure to get at least 15 mins of sun a day. Another body function is it could be cortisol. So all these things can be detected via bloodwork. Hope you feel better soon!

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