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Hi everyone! :wave: I have been a member since 2006, but have not posted alot. I need to see if anyone can answer my questions? I had left rotator cuff surgery on 7/7/09. I was having difficulty breathing and swallowing after i got home and the hospital told me to go to one of the urgent care centers to get my oxygen levels checked. The doctor took a chest xray to rule out anything wrong with my lungs due to the anesthia. i had a cervical fusion at c5-6/c6-7 5 1/2 yrs ago. When the doctor looked at the xray, he noticed that the plate in my neck is broken in two!!!! i have had a lot of extreme pain in my neck the last couple months but my MRI in January showed everything was ok, so didnt think too much about it. The pain also includes severe muscle cramping from right under my hairline down and around my shoulder blades. I have also had trouble swallowing since the surgery was done in 2003. It seems like things get stuck on the right side of my neck a lot, right under where my scar is. I have alsoMy neuro scheduled a cat scan for tomorrow.

Now for my questions: Do they have to do surgery for broken hardware?
I had a lot of pain from the 1st surgery and don't look forward to it again.

If they have to remove or replace the hardware, is the recovery time the same as the original surgery?

Has this happened to anyone else? What causes it? In addition to the rotator cuff surgery last week, I also had a 360 degree fusion on L4-S1 on May 21. I was in surgery for 8 hours!! :eek: I was turned every which way but loose. Could the intubation cause the plate to break?

Thanks for reading and looking forward to your replies,


C5-6 / C6-7 ruptured Nov 2003
Cervical fusion December 2003
Diagnosed Deg Disc/Joint Disease Jan 2004
Right Rotator Cuff repair April 2007
Lumbar Fusion L4-5 / L5-S1 May 21, 2009
Left Rotator Cuff repair July 7., 2009

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