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I'm almost 5 months post op of ACDF C5-C6 and I'm still in a great deal amount of pain. I'm about the same, maybe a little bit less then pre surgery. My daily migraines have gone away and I've returned some of my stregnth back. I'm in PM and I had several diagnostic nerve blocks and one ESI. The ESI gave me quite a bit relief, but only for a weeek.

I do currently have 2 herniated discs(one above/one below the fusion), but they are not on the spinal cord as of yet, according to the MRI. I know I will need them fused in the future, but I really want to put it off as long as I can. I'm currently 34 years old.

I had asked for another ESI, because of the great relief for the one week and it did take some of the pain down, but PM doctor says it's not going to work. Now he want's to put in a spinal cord stimulator and wants to do it right away.

Is it too soon to be pushing this or do you think I should go ahead with the trial? I've been reading up on it and this is not something to take lightly. My pain levels are a constant 5-7 with pain meds. The levels use to go to 10 before surgery and right after. I have not had a 10 episode since the last steroid shot that was performed on my C6-C7.

Thanks for all your advice.

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