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6 weeks post op -
Aug 7, 2009
Hi all, :wave:

Haven't post since before surgery on c5/6 c6/7 acdf with hardware on 6/25/09 due to spinal cord compressed to 4mm. I do have a bone growth stimulator that I need to wear for 4 hours a day. Yesterday was my 6 wk mark. Surgery went well and am relieved that the spinal cord compression is no longer a factor. Had a post op checkup on 7/6/09 and basically only had post op pain - however since 7/9/09 have been experiencing lots of pre surgery symptoms - numbness/weakness and tingling throughout different parts of body mostly in (left) legs from the knees down but do have some in arms and hands (elbow down).
My ankles and feet hurt alot - have been walking but there is still alot of pain - especially walking up stairs. my knees and fingers also have pain.

new symptoms not pre surgery - I have felt like someone placed a warm wet washcloth on top of my head along with tingling on scalp. tingling in the face and a warm feeling (happened twice so far) that starts out top of throat & right ear (am deaf in this ear) and travels through the chest all the way into feet. Like when you have a ct or mri with contrast. Throat feels tight and need to take collar of when I eat otherwise i can't swallow.

Saw neurosurgeon on 8-5-09 and when the nurse checked my blood pressure and she pumped up the band it really hurt my arm like sharp little pins were be stuck in my arm where band was placed. Neuro checked my xrays & said that hardware placement looks very good but no fusion yet. I explained all of the above symptoms. He said it may be all post op - nerves waking up etc. I see him again on Sept 14th - Still need to wear hard collar - no driving - lifting and no harley rides :(

Yesterday I was experiencing a sharp pain by right shoulder blade which also sent pain sometimes down my right arm and two middle fingers felt numb ( I did have sharp pains in the shoulder blade area pre surgery but never sent pain into arm) - Plus also having hard time comprehending things always telling people i don't understand what your saying or they ask if i heard what they just said and I tell them no - i know they are saying stuff and talking to me but it just doesn't stick to the brain to give them a reply, or i say stupid stuff they don't understand - the other day my husband asked if I was ok because my speech was all slurrring together, catch myself wanting to throw dishes in the garbage instead of sink, putting stuff in the wrong places, having to really concentrate to complete the task that i'm doing.

Sorry if this was long and confusing kinda feel off today but needed to werite this through the pain and brain fog hoping someone will understand, I'm just starting to feel frustrated and not sure where to turn next if Neuro releases me and i still have all this stuff going on.

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