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There are 2 ways in which you get a reversal of the normal cervical lordosis. One is by sudden accident...that's what I had when I broke my neck. The other is a very slow reversal that accompanies osteoarthritis...I'm guessing that is what you have. That is not as dangerous as the rapid reversal. Your spinal cord has time to adapt. But you are going to need an MRI and possibly surgery to fuse your neck back into the correct shape. Mine is held in place with 2 titanium rods and lots of screws. are in Houston and have lots of great medical schools in your area. They are all connected with hospitals and should have low cost clinics for people without insurance...or even a sliding fee scale so it may be no cost. You need to see someone in neurosurgery who can correct your neck. You are risking paralysis at this point of you are starting to get tingling. Any weakness or clumsiness? Loss of function(weakness or clumsiness) and loss of feeling(tingling or numbness)means you are at risk for further damage and possible permanent damage. Time to act.

So figure out which hospital is affiliated with what medical school and start calling around to find out who has a neurosurgery clinic(Orthopedic surgeons do work on backs but a neck that bad should have a neurosurgeon in my estimation). Then make an appointment or have your doc get you in to one. You might need a referral. You can get help, you just need to do some homework and searching.

good luck....we're here for you......Jenny

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