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if you can look up the brachial plexus "images" you may be able to find an actual diagram of that brachial that does show that t 1 involvement(it is the very LAST nerve that makes up that brachial plexus). but you would probably do better just printing off all info on what i explained above with the peripheral and that brachial in words for him so he can actually read the run down of how this all works kind of thing? one other thing here is the basic "dermatomes' these are areas of skin surface that any given nerve within the spinal actually innervates. if you look this up, all you ahve to do is simply LOOK at what innervates a strip that runs on the inner side of the upper arm and down kind of that middle arm area thru that crease at the elbow and down a few more inches. THAT IS the area that the T 1 nerve actually innervates with its sensory componnent, this nerve ALSO innervates motor or fine motor function within the hand and fingers too so that would not actually show up on any derm chart. but it IS right there right in the mid inner arm area. all he has to do is look at the derm chart to see this.

my own wonderful primary kept telling me over and over very early on with my spinal crap that anything that i was actually feeling at the base of my skull and up the back of my head could no possibly be stemming from my c spine either(i was and still am having pain on the R base of skull with intermittant numbness and tingling up the back of my head from this). well just take a good look at that derm chart and it shows the exact areas of back of my head involvement i just have from a really bad right side of my c 2-3 there. it DOES actually innervate that back of the head and the base of kull area. once i just brought in a basic dermatome chart and showed him that, he was really suprised and honestly just 'assumed' the nothing could possibly ever go 'up' from the c spine area, only down. so that was HIS assumption too. he just did not fully understand even basic neuroanatomy down to basic derm coverage at all. just like your primary is saying to you cindy. there is just sooo many different ways to show him just how really truely involved that T1 actually is that any one of the things i mentioned to you would make him HAVE to see it, ya know? just look this stuff up for YOU, so YOU really understand just how that all works there hon. it will help YOU in the longer run, and of course show your primary the areas where that T 1 actually ARE going down the arm too.

the bigger thing here is whether or not YOUR particular T 1 is actually playing any part in the situation is important, but what really would be more important for your primary and most importantly, ANY of his future patients who actually just do have some heavy T 1 damage going on and he would still believe that it could not possibly be related? how do you think THOSE particular patients of his would be treated with the limited knowledge he currently has, ya know what i am trying to say here? the more true experience, knowledge and very basic info that any primary can get along the way, just makes THEM a better more well informed doc for all his patients. he really just does NEED to understand this right now. he just was very wrong to even make that statement when he obvioulsy does not actually even KNOW about the brachial plexus(what it actually consists of), peripheral nervous systems or even a very very basic dermatome chart either.

i really am wanting to see just what sowed up on that MRI at all too. with what you described in what you were going to lok up on the anatomy and show to your doc actually does appear to sound like what i mentioned with that dermatome chart? this one thing would show him alot. that T 1 ALSO innervates a strip of skin kind of right across more to the mid to top of the shoulder blades on the back too. most derm charts show both the back and the front areas of innervation too.

let me know what you find out and just what your doc has to say after you show him just how that T 1 actually just 'is'. believe me, before i presented with all my spinal crap and the cord stuff too, my primary really did not have a clue as to how alot of this neuroanatomy crap actually was and just "is'. he as learned alot just from my case alone. it takes patients who any particular doc has the care of and the more strange and insane things that any 'body' can actually have wrong or created by something that really IS the bigger part of their overall knowledge of anything. its just having that experience at all that really does educate them. YOU will be a part of HIS NEW education on the c spine and how the T 1 fits into the picture and brachial too. good luck cindy, marcia

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