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I had a serious head injury (Plane dropped several thousand feet and I flew up hitting my head to celings and was knocked down) two years ago. My previous cervical MRI showed disc bulging at C3/C4, C4/C5, and C5/C6. My recent MRIs (April 2009) indicate:


-Reversal of normal lordosis.
-Small Hemangioma in T1 Vertebra
- Mild Spondylosis in multiple levels in Cervical spine

-C3-C4: Broad base disc/osteophyte complex which effaces anterior thecal sac but doesnt deform cord. Moderate narrowing of right neural foramen
-C4-C5: Broad base disc/osteophyte complex which is INDENDTING the central cord. Moderate to severe left foraminal stenosis. Minimal narrowing on right
-C5-C6: Small broad base disc/osteophyte complex which indents but does not efface anterior thecal sac. Mild Narrowing of left neural foramen
-C6-C7: Left sided disc/osteophyte complex which moderately narrows left neural foramen. No significant spinal stenosis.

Spinal cord signal is normal throughout.

CT Cervical:

Bilateral uncovertebral joint spurs at C3-C4. C4-C5 and very minimal at C5/C6 and C6/C7. Spurs are moderate on right and small on left.

Slight Right curvature to spine- Mild Scoliosis (mild Levoscoliosis of lower thoraic spine and mild dextroscoliosis of cerviothoracic junction)

Otherwise normal.


Bilateral cervical radiculopathy at C5/C6/C7

I have been on constant significant pain since head injury- First several months was All head (felt like drunk)- then neck/back/arms/shoulder took over. Affects ear and eyes too.

PT and medications dont help much (Vicodin ES, Lyrica etc.). issues with WC for Epidural/Facet injections- shortly should be approved.

Also arthoscopic shoulder surgery required for tear to glenoid labrum and impingement.

Neurosurgeon says surgery will be required in near future- Spine surgeon says I have global pain from head injury (needs CRPS/RSD) and not sure on surgery.

Curious on feedbacks from experienced members (I havent detailed lots of head issues)- thanks

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