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Re: C5 & c6
Aug 27, 2009
A bulging disc can cause as much pain and incapacitation as a herniated disc. It all depends on how large the bulge is, where it's located, and what nerves and/or area of the spinal cord it is impinging on. Some of the symptoms may vary day to day based on what you do that day, positioning, etc. But if you still have continual symptoms you should consider going forward with the surgery. If you do have nerve or spinal cord impingement that generally won't get better and will, in some cases, lead to some permanent damage. I found that in the 4 weeks leading up to my ACDF that I all of the sudden felt better. I think it was the fact that I relaxed a bit more and psychologically wanted to convince myself I was better. I don't regret any of my spinal surgeries, each has improved my symptoms.

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