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it took me 2 months to be properly diagnosed because i didn't actually have any neck pain when this all started for me 8 months ago. it started with a sudden onset of a headache at the base of my skull and some lightheadedness, then the scalp tingling, lip and facial numbness, etc. i had blurred vision, abnormal pupil dilation, and then came the numbness and weakness in my arms and legs which has now become isolated to the left side of my body.

my PCP told me it was anxiety and prescribed valium. he looked me square in the eye when i asked for a referral to a neurologist and said "i do not believe there is anything neurological going on with you." after 8 weeks, i finally got in to the neurologist who ordered the cervical spine MRI and voilą--c5-c6 herniation and c4-c5 & c6-c7 bulges. needless to say, i have a new PCP.

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