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Hi Again. Really need some advise and possible help. MRI shows I have mild anterior compression of T6 and and T7 superior end plates with mild central Schmorl node formation of T7 noted. Another states mild anterior compression fracture(s) of T6 and possible T4 are identified involving the superior end plates. Mild osteophyte formation involves T6-T7 through T8-T9. T6 anterior compression fracture (mild anterior wedging of t4?
Anterolisthesis of C4 upon C5 noted with mild C5-C6 disc space loss.

The muscles in between my shoulder blades and at the base of neck are hurting. Doctor tried acupuncture twice and has gave me no relief.
Between my neck, thoracic, lumbar and legs, I feel like I'm losing my mind (and life) with pain.

Any suggestions? Anyone?

I don't know what "scapular winging" is. I don't remember hearing that before. I have had an MRI on my neck and thoracic. Not on my lumbar. I don't have my records in front of me so I can't quote what they said. I do not know on my neck that my C6 is degenerated and buldging and some narrowing of something due to possible muscle spams and C4-C5 has some space loss. The MRI on my thoracic confirmed the fractures and doctor said everything else looked good.

[QUOTE=neckpatient;4081615]What you describe almost sounds like "scapular winging", this can be caused by your cervical. I think you really need a full eval by a really good specialist. Have you had complete MRIs of cervical, thoracic and lumbar?[/QUOTE]

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