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Just know it will be better soon. I went back to work (desk job) 19 days after surgery for half days. It was too soon. I needed another week.

Now I am 4 and 1/2 months out and things are normal and I can do almost anything I want. Turning my head for extremes or tilting it back will not happen ever again but the pain and the loss of function I had is all history thanks to the surgery.

Just keep the faith. You will be fine and will be able to resume things before you know it. I know at about 6 weeks I went into a slight depression because I thought I'd be further along then I was. Fatigue seems to take forever to go away. Not being able to ligt more then 8 pounds was getting real old at that point and I hated having to rely on others for some things.

Just hang in there.

[QUOTE=acdfstew;4086330]I had ACDF surgery done one month ago. I still feel like I have been hit by a truck in the morning. Is anyone else having a difiicult time sleeping? I am a side sleeper and would love to know the solution for a good nights rest so I don't wake up in so much pain. Are there any other flight attendants out there that have had this procedure, or been diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease? I'm looking for a realistic time frame to be able to return to flying. I can't even imagine doing my job right now with all of the physical requirements involved. Help! ACDFSTEW[/QUOTE]

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