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Hi everybody,

First post and id like to say Hello and thanks for all the information people have posted up here.

Ok, in Nov im due ACDF at C4/5 due to a prolapsed disk narrowing the nerve root canal on the right side. This is impinging the nerve root

Firstly i have to state my symptoms are not drastic, i have pain like constant achy, crampy sensation behind my right scapula and i get numbness and tingling down my arm...but this is only brought on if my arm is outstretched.

Iv ploughed through the first 26 pages of this forum topic and not found any posts which are solely relevant to C4/5 so i was wondering if anybody out there has had symptoms and surgery on that single level that may be able to provide information or advice as to what i should expect post op.

Obviously everybody reacts differently to their individual case so i know its far from gospel....but i just wondered:

1) What symptoms have others suffered as a result of a prolapse and nerve root impngment at this level?

2) If, considering my symptoms do not generally affect my quality of life pre-op, what affects i am likely to suffer post-op?

3) How long was the recovery period?

4) Any ill affects as a result of the operation?

By reading through this forum iv noticed many cases of C5/6 or lower however single prolapses at C4/5 seem rare and so any information would be greatly greatly appreciated.



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