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sammy, in addition to my cervical spine problems, i do also have L4-L5 bulge, L-5-S1 herniation and DDD in the lumbar spine. that was all diagnosed 15 years ago when i was in my mid-20s and determined to be congenital. i have kept the symptoms at bay and avoided need for surgical intervention by walking, yoga and keeping my weight down. now that i have been sidelined with my c5-c6 herniation, all of those preventive measure have gone out the window. i am unable to walk more than a block at a time due to my fatigue and muscle weakness, and yoga has been ruled out completely given the nature of my neck injury. :(

i am not currently taking any medication since, aside from my debilitating headaches, i do not suffer from the typical pain one would expect from a c-spine herniation. my root nerve on the right side is minimally impacted, but the primary issue with the herniation is the spinal cord impingement at that level which is exacerbated by bone spurs. when i am plagued with my headaches, i use an icepack on the back of my head, elevate my feet, and try to take ibuprofen sparingly since it tears my stomach to pieces. (it doesn't really do much anyway.)

in spite of the textbook diagnoses we receive from doctors, after hearing about everyone's experiences on this board, it seems like there is no bright-line rule that would apply to the range of symptoms that those of us with cervical spine injuries/disease. i wish there were more medical professionals who would allow themselves to think outside of the box and spare individuals like ME the anxiety of thinking that i have some horrible neurological or autoimmune disorder that is being masked by my herniated discs.

ALSO--i found this link to a closed thread from this board from 2003 that i thought might be of interest to those presenting not only with headaches, but also with other less "typical" symptoms resulting from c-spine issues.

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