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I do get tingling on the back of my head sometimes, and I also get a numb right cheek sporadically. However, I don't seem to get back of the head tingling when my cheek is numb. Sometimes I also feel the pins and needles in my cheek. It's actually numb, and feels the same way as when you get novacaine at the dentist. It's actually the right outside edges of my lips, up my cheek right below the eye socket, out and down in a round pattern is where i get numb. I did tell my pain management doctor about it and he said there is a nerve in the head called the trigeminal nerve, which branches out into three different areas of the head. He said one part of that nerve is exactly where I pointed out my cheek numbness. The other part can cause pain & sensations in the jaw area and the last branch can cause symptoms in the scalp, forehead, and eye areas. Usually the condition associated with this is called Trigeminal Neuralgia and most people experience severe, sharp pains in their face. I, however, have never had any pain in my face...I only get the numbness and tingling. But my PM said it was possible to have only these symptoms and no pain, just like with any nerve problems such as sciatica. So something in the area of that nerve is causing inflammation, which causes my symptoms. Usually i've had this happen when I wake up from sleep. I wake up lying flat, but noticed my head is usually tilted back. I've also had my cheek go numb, though, while just sitting at school or work during the day. It never lasts very long and it happens whenever out of the bllue.

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