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Hi there sweetie. It is a gut wrenching decision but having done it in 2003 and 04 (acdf c56 and microdisectomy l5 s1 ) I have gotten through until now. I am only having problems now because my c6 7 was preexisting with bulging and the surgery over time can cause the domino affect. All I can say is that the few years inbetween with tolerable pain and a better quality of life made it worth it. Right now I like you am doing interventions like spinal decompression which was useless for me pretty much and now some epidurals to stop the significant pins/needles and nasty scalding like burning feeling in my feets and hadns. SOOOOOOOO...looking at your options, and decide if you can continue to live with the pain without going slightly insane and if being on many pills is really what you want and if you cannot handle years of it then I say get the surgery. It is very difficult but suddenly the decision just comes to you and you cannot NOT justify it when the time arrives. My thoughts and prayers are with you for a difficult decision ahead. Good luck and know that nothing stays the same forever!!!:angel::wave:
Hi again Binx,
I know we have "chatted" on the boards before. I do not feel qualified to give you advice, but I have a similar, but not as serious a situation as you, I believe. My big prob. is at c5-c6 also. I have "mild" spinal stenosis and severe foraminal stenosis and blah blah blah! Over the past almost 4 years I have had 7 tests, tons of pt sessions, I forget how many doctors. I am going to see another one tomorrow because my old one doesn't take my insurance anymore. :mad:

I don't know what to do either. I will admit I am just too scared to do it for pain relief only, but if I start getting weakness or other horrible neurological symptoms I will definitely go for the operation. One surgeon wants to do a c56 ACDF w/HW. I will not complain about my pain too much because there are some very sad stories much worse than mine here. So in a sentence, it's almost more than I can take. Pills, pills, pills. I am just playing it by ear now.

I said no advice from me, but your situation is clear cut. You have to get the fusion or risk loss of use of your limbs. I would find a board certified surgeon with a few grey hairs. Pay $15.00 and check his medical background. Ask what his success rate is.

I feel for you. I can just say what I would do. I would also study the stickies on this board and prepare as much as possible for the healing process. Then I would get it done asap. Good luck in your decision. I hope you keep posting regardless of getting the operation or not. Take care, :wave: matt

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