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[QUOTE=neckpatient;4114343]Hi - the others gave you good advice. stay away from the chiro until you have been fully evaluated, xrays and mri. then decide. I hate to hear people getting adjustments without tests. I wouldn't accept a diagnosis without the proper tests and I wouldn't take a carpal tunnel diagnosis without an EMG.

I feel it could be your neck. Is your pain running down the outside edge of your arm, from your top shoulder but that doesn't really hurt, around to under armpit - any down side of chest?, up across deltoid, outside edge to elbow and over into top forearm - with achy wrist? Does the top of your forearm near your elbow burn like heck? (ice it). If you answer yes, you might have a bulged disc at C4-6 area. Waiting 2 months is probably ok if you can live with the pain, what would you say your pain level is? Some doctors will give you predinisone, try some gentle ice/heat therapy, ibuprofen, rest the first month of an injury in the neck so waiting 2 months to see them is probably within the realm of ok.

Treat yourself like a baby, don't do anything aggressive like running, hiking, etc. so you won't flare it up worse. watch your sleep positions. Side supported neck with pillow between legs is best for right now. You might also try laying flat on floor with your knees up, feet flat on floor, arms at side, shoulder relaxed. VERY GENTLY scoot your butt out in a VERY GENTLE stretch trying to open up space in the spine. Do not put pressure on the head doing this. This won't have magical affect, but might give a tiny bit of space enough to relieve the pain even for 10 mins.

[B]Get a doctor appt![/B][/QUOTE]

Thank you for the advice. I have noticed if I try to lay flat on my bed with no pillows, I feel a strong uncomfortable pressure in the back of my neck so I sleep with it propped up under 3 pillows.

Is it possible for tense or irritated neck muscles to be pinching a nerve? The weird thing is how I have periods of complete relief. Two weeks ago, I felt 100% normal again, then all the pain came back when I went back to work.

Sometimes it feels like my arm is on fire. I get hot pain in the inside crook of my elbow, along the bottom of the arm and into my armpit, but nothing in the shoulder. I've had the nerve pain when my neck has felt fine, and no nerve pain when my neck hurts.

I just don't want to waste more money on this problem. I saw my PCP and even an orthopedist surgeon. Almost $400 bucks spent to tell me that I might have cubital tunnel syndrome. I could have found that out online.

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