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Have pain when I move neck, which goes all the way down the shoulder. Move head back and fourth and pain goes down the middle of the back. Pain stays in left shoulder and just throbs all day, can't sleep at night.

My neurosurgeon doesn't want to do surgery and sent me to PT for a month with no relief, then sent me to pain mangement and had a set of epidural injection. The first shot took the pain away from left shoulder about 50% and went back and had another shot that seemed to work and all of sudden my right arm at times would go completly numb( try driving and all of a sudden you lose feeling in arm) have to shake arm and move neck to get feeling back.Went back for third shot and that took right arm and shoulder problems away. Six weeks later right back to left shoulder pain all over again.Here is what mri showed

C4-5: There is mild spinal stenosis secondary to the alignment. Neural foramen is patent bilaterally. THere is focal T2 bright signal which may represent focal demyelinating process involving the left side of the central region which idents the thecal sac and the spinal cord. The left neural foramen is narrowed.
C6-7: There is disc bulge from the right to the left with more narrowing on the left side than the right and there is minimal left sided neural foraminal narrowing.
C7-T1: Negative
1. Minimal concentric disc bulge and spinal stenosis at the C4-5 level secondary to alignment. THere is a focal left sided T2 bright signal on the spinal cord. This may represent demyelinating process, gliosis or other etology. Recommded clinical correlation.
Follow-up study recommended. This may be related to the large disc herniation at thge C5-6 level which is on the left paracentral area extending to the sub-pedicle region which indents the tecal sac and the spinal cord and causes left sided neural foraminal narrowing.
2. Disc bulge extends from the right toward the left side and more on the left cuasing spinal stenosis at the C6-7 level. Neural foramen's are slightly narrowed on the left.

What should I do next?
PM sent me back to my PCP and he said I need to go back to PM. I called and pain mangement gave me an appointment for next week. Do I just ask them should I go back to my neurosurgeon or look for a second opinion. I have been dealing with this pain for almost a year now and don't think I want another year of this

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