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The Dr's think I was born with it. I used to get dull ache in the lower lumbar and a between the shoulder blades that would be contant all day. I say used to because it's been happening since I was about 18 years old. I always thought it was improperly lifting or something along those lines. Sleep wouldn't make it feel better and as a matter of fact I would sometimes wake up from it. On occassion, I would have temporary paralysis on the lower extremeties. I also would feel drained or tired to do any lifting each day. I always thought it was odd how I would work out so hard but feel so "weak" most of the time. Since I've been on lortabs, it felt like the weakness and pain threshold has been broken as well as getting more sleep. The past few weeks has taken another turn and the symptoms are back but now the whole lower back feels weak similar to flu-like symptoms. I've also gotten sore and stiff neck with daily migraines. I tried the Medrol steroid pack and it alleviated most of the pain except for the migraines. Everything came back the day after theclast dosage of the medrol pack.
I'm thinking of having a second opinion with a specialist in the Dallas area since the Dr's in West Texas are known to be not very effective in diagnosing/treating any out of the ordinary condition.
Hi I have been DX with a Syrinx C5 to T8. I was told by my Neurosurgeon it is there since birth and it developed along with a Bone spur that was pressing against my cord.
The symptoms I have are loss of feeling on the palms of my hands, pain and twitching in both feet and in the legs below the knees, neck and shoulder pain and complete loss of reflexes in both legs....
The issue with a syrinx is to find the cause. I know you say it is Congenital but often it develops due to other congenital conditions such as Chiari Malformation, Tethered cord syndrome, and other such conditions that can lead to a syrinx forming in the spinal cord.
Hope this helps...

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