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when you mentioned that you 'again" had these symptoms, does that mean that these are indeed the very same symptoms you had pre op or are they different? do you actually 'hear' anything from your neck when you move it like bone grinding against bone sounds or snapping or popping sounds? did you have ANY actual hardware placement? do your symptoms become triggered upon neck movement or are they kind of a 'constant'?

what NP suggested about getting the repeat MRI done really is a great idea just to see how things actually look right now in the surgical area. there is always a possiblity too here that you never fully fused either. that shows up the very best with a simple flexion and extension type of x ray. even better than an MRI or CT can pretty much. it was that particular type of x ray(ONLY) that showed what an MRI could not see and what an actual radiologist stated about the CT? that i WAS actually fused but was not at both endplates, only one? that stupid CT really killed me as far as getting my NS to actually believe me. that one x ray just proved to my NS what i had been telling him all along, i did not feel like i was actually fused. but i was having intermittant types of symptoms like yours are? but after my hardware was placed and the stupid NS actually somehow impinged my c 7 nerve root with the stupid hardware, everything got ten times worse and almost a constant then. these are just some possibles here for what could be happening that really does need further more in depth types of real testing. another really great test,espescially given the lack of the elbow reflex would be to just have an EMG/NCV done too? this would just help alot to really show ANY true nerve flow loss or impairment/impingement?

just one more area that really should at least be looked into too would e the rotator cuff/shoulder area? loss of ROM can also stem from that as well. you would really be amazed at how many people who have c spine problems also have some level of rotator too or vice versa? just one other place to look at depending upon just what an EMG would show and of course the MRI. there IS something that just is NOT 'right' up there that really needs to be found out and tracked back to the source. unfortunetly that does just require alot of ongoing testing too. you just really do need to truely find out exactly where your nerves are being compromised and why that reflex is so diminished as well. how was that reflex pre op? the same or was it appearing to be normal then? marcia

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