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Hello. I am 25yo. I had a somewhat sore back for a week...I woke up yesterday, took a shower, and did a quick little neck stretch (turned head from side to side) and sustained a major injury. Immediate sharp pain @ top of spine, left shoulder blade, up back of neck.

I went to the doc today and here are the results of the x-ray below. I am Active-Duty military, and this was a civilian ARNP. She said that because I have full use of my hands and arms, that this probably isnt serious. I insisted upon a full MRI (as the radiologist reccomends- which my Tricare WILL cover), but she said that she doesnt know if its justified. She told me to go to PT and see what they think.

The pain is sharp and un-relenting, from the back of my neck, down my spine, through my shoulder blade. Someone PLEASE give me their opinions on what to do.

XRAY results:

Spine Cervical OFXR

Clinical: Cervical Spine Strain

Procedure: AP, ondontoid, obliques, and lateral views.

Findings: There is loss of the normal cervical lordosis with a focal kyphosis centered at the c5-c6 level. Vertebral body heights are normal. No facet subluxation or dislocation. Prevertebral soft tissues are normal, no acute fractures.

There is no facet or uncoverterbral hypertrophic changes. No neural foraminal narrowing.

There is a mild narrowing of the anterior aspect of the c6-c7 disc space. THIS COULD REPRESENT DISC DISEASE.

1. No acute fractures.
2. Loss of the normal cervical lordosis with kyphosis centered at the c5-c6 level.
3. Mild narrowing anteriorly at the c6-c7 disc space that could represent disc pathology. Consider MRI for further evaluation.

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