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I received a report of an MRI of a 2 year old injury to my spinal cord. C-4 to C7 are fused. the report impression stated "at c6-7, left paracentral focal bulge or spondylitic ridge is seen with impression upon the thecal sac and possibly upon the left side of the cord, but without impingement. asymmetric narrowing of the right c4-5 neural foramen (moderate). there is moderate narrowing of the right c4-5 neural foramen, secondary to what appears to be right-sided uncovertebral spurring or right posterolateral disc bulge. the reason why i had this test done because my legs gaves out and i fell on my side very hard. my neck popped to the side that i fell on. I have had problems with numbness of limbs and legs gives out at times as if i have no bones. could this mri findings be the cause of what is going on with me?:(

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