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I arrived at the hospital at 6:30 a.m. and they took me in right away. I did have a long wait in the holding area which I had never had before so I was getting a really bad headache and muscle spasms in my shoulders. Actually this was the first time I had such a long wait.

I ended up having more problems then what they thought there would be. I was having the ACDF on the C6/C7 and cadaver bone. Well, I had 4 bone spurs, 2 on each side, which had not shown up on the x-rays or MRI's. I had a terrible headache at the base of my skull. I asked him who danced on my head that morning?? There was also a lot of scar tissue that he hadn't expected. The surgeon said he couldn't believe all the scar tissue. He did say he expected the recovery to be a long time but wondered if my fingers felts better with the tingling improving. I am always afraid to say too much positive because I might jinx it but so far the tingling is much better.He is concerned about more bone spurs forming on the back side because he said I am really bad about bone spurs.

I went home the next day after I was able to swallow some food. I was suppose to come home with a soft collar but they forgot to send it with me and I forgot it, also. They made the incision below my collar bone and I was reallly swollen so I didn't want to eat anything but when they tell you if you don't eat you don't go home then you try a few things. I had 2 bites of mashed potatoes. I am just glad to be home although I am still having a lot of coughing and sore throat but I know things will get better.

I did have an accident today :eek:because we had some snow and I had taken our little puppy out to go to the bathroom and I thought I had all the snow off my shoes but I didn't. I ended up slipping and twisting my legs and hit both knees really hard on the kitchen floor and it jarred my neck and also my lower back which I had had surgery on 2 years ago. I can hardly walk and had to get my walker out again. If I am not better by tomorrow I will be going to the doctor or ER.

I am glad the surgery is over but I sure forgot how sore I was after the surgery.

I hope everyone has a good pain free weekend and I will get back with you later.


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