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I'm 3 weeks away from a level 3 ACDF (C4-7). I have stenosis and it's starting to cause all those wonderful symptoms like numbness in my legs and spasms pretty much anywhere and everywhere from my neck down. I know this needs to be done, I accept that.

My Surgeon told me it was an overnight stay and I could be back to work in a month. His PA had told me to expect 2-5 day hospital, 3-6 months out of work recovering. I suspect the truth is somewhere in between. Does anyone have an opinion on this? My spinal alignment is good. I have herniated discs, arthritis/bone spurs, DDD, all the normal ailments and complaints that I have read from everyone on this forum. I do IT work, but it's sort of physical, getting under desks, moving copiers, connecting equipment. I drive a company car, so during the day I need to stay away from any pain killer that clouds my head. I've found a combination of Lyrica and Tramadol that works very well for all the nerve pain. I'm really hoping I won't be out of work too long, but I also am determined to make sure I am truly HEALED before I return and cause myself an injury.

Does anyone have experience with a level 3 ACDF and the recovery from it?
I only had ADCF at the c4-c5 level on 3-3-2010. Im still in pain, I lost the use of my left arm above the elbow although it is slowly making a painful recovery...I got on here looking for an answer but its like the surgeon told me everybody's different and nerves are tricky. Mine was cut and it has to "regrow." Nothing has taken away the pain but has masked it a little. I had same day surgery and I was in the drivethru at a fast food resturant 2 hours after waking up. The recovery pain wasnt bad at all but the lingering nerve damage pain and the weak uncordinated arm is really hard to deal with sometimes.

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